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With the help of our user-friendly and accurate conversion calculator, you can quickly convert cryptocurrencies and get real-time conversion rates for effortless transactions and informed decisions.

Crypto Converter Calculator

Crypto Converter Calculator



As more and more people participate in digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more, cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity as an investment alternative. Nevertheless, because the value of these cryptocurrencies can move quickly, it can be challenging for investors to maintain track of their assets. The bitcoin conversion calculator from 1xCapital can be helpful in this situation. You may convert a variety of digital assets into significant fiat currencies using our cryptocurrency calculator.

What is a Crypto Calculator?

An online tool called a crypto calculator enables you to exchange your digital assets for the currency of your choice. An exact assessment of the worth of your digital assets in your preferred currency may be obtained using a conversion calculator, whether you want to convert Bitcoin to USD, Ethereum to EUR, or Litecoin to GBP.

It’s simple to use a bitcoin conversion calculator. To convert your money with our assistance, simply choose the currency you want to change it to, then click the calculate button. You may get the converted amount and the current exchange rate right now with our conversion calculator.

1xCapital’s Currency Conversion Calculator: Easy Currency Conversion

There are currency conversion calculators that let you change your money from one currency to another in addition to cryptocurrency conversion calculators. Our currency converter can provide you with an exact estimate of the value of your money in the currency you desire, whether you’re traveling overseas or making international payments.

The currency converter from 1xCapital functions similarly to a cryptocurrency converter. Simply input the desired amount of money, choose the desired conversion rate, and press the calculate button. You can get a precise estimate of the exchange rate and the converted amount with our currency conversion calculator.

Money Conversion Calculator: Quickly and Easily Convert Your Money

Our currency converter might be a useful tool if you frequently need to convert money. Without having to rely on manual calculations, you can quickly and effortlessly convert your money from one currency to another using our coin calculator.

Our internet platform has currency conversion calculators available, but many banks and other financial organizations also have their own calculators. Simply input the desired amount of money, choose the desired conversion rate, and press the calculate button. You can calculate the converted amount and exchange rate accurately with the money conversion calculator.

Conversion Rate Calculator: Easily Calculate Your Conversion Rates

An instrument that enables you to determine the exchange rate between two currencies is a conversion rate calculator. This is helpful if you want to calculate how much of one currency you need to purchase another.

On our online trading platform, conversion rate calculators are accessible, and many banks and financial organizations also provide their own conversion rate calculators. Just input the desired amount in one currency, choose the desired conversion, and press the calculate button. You can use the conversion rate calculator to get a precise idea of the exchange rate and the converted amount.

What Influences Cryptocurrency Value?

Numerous internal and external factors might have an impact on the value of cryptocurrencies. Several important variables that can affect the value of cryptocurrencies are listed below:

Supply and demand

The supply and demand of a cryptocurrency affect its price, just like they do for any other asset. A cryptocurrency’s price will rise if there is a high demand for it and a finite quantity of it. On the other hand, if there is little demand and plenty of supply, the price will drop.

Market sentiment

Cryptocurrency value can be significantly influenced by market emotions as well. Positive news can increase the price, such as a new collaboration or adoption by a major corporation, while negative news, such as a hack or regulatory crackdown, can decrease the price.

Regulatory changes

Although they are not subject to the same restrictions as traditional currencies,   cryptocurrencies can nevertheless be impacted by changes to the laws. For instance, if a government decides to outlaw mining or trading cryptocurrencies, the value of the impacted cryptocurrencies may decrease.

Technological developments

The value of a particular cryptocurrency may also be impacted by developments in blockchain technology and enhancements to its usefulness. A cryptocurrency’s value might rise, for instance, if it adds a new feature that makes it easier to use or more effective.

Adoption by businesses

The value of cryptocurrencies may also be impacted by how widely they are used by companies. The value of a particular cryptocurrency may increase if more companies begin to accept it as payment.


The cryptocurrency industry is extremely competitive, and the existence of rival cryptocurrencies with similar features or benefits might have an impact on the value of a certain cryptocurrency.

Features of 1X Capital's Crypto Converter Calculator

Accurate Conversion Rates

The crypto converter calculator from 1xCapital offers up-to-the-minute conversion rates. You will receive correct conversion rates because the calculator changes the rates every minute.

Supports Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, are supported by the crypto converting calculator. You can convert your digital assets more easily because the calculator also handles less well-known cryptocurrencies.

User-Friendly Interface

You can easily convert your cryptocurrencies using the user-friendly design of the 1xCapital crypto converter calculator. With only a few clicks, you can complete your conversions using the calculator’s simple interface.

Calculates Crypto Profits

You can calculate your trade gains with the cryptocurrency converter calculator. To calculate your profits precisely, the calculator accounts for the purchase price, sale price, and transaction costs.

How to Use 1xCapital's Crypto Converter Calculator

It's simple to use the crypto converting calculator from 1xCapital. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the page for the cryptocurrency converter calculator at 1xCapital.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the cryptocurrency you want to convert.
  • The amount of cryptocurrency you want to convert should be entered.
  • Choose the fiat currency that you want to use to exchange the cryptocurrency.
  • The ‘Convert’ button should be clicked.
  • The converted amount will be shown on the calculator.

Anyone who trades in cryptocurrencies needs a coin conversion calculator. The cryptocurrency converter calculator from 1xCapital features a user-friendly layout, accurate conversion rates, and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can use the calculator to figure out your trading gains as well. Using the crypto converter calculator from 1xCapital, you may trade cryptocurrencies with confidence.

What determines the value of cryptocurrencies?

Several factors, such as the following, influence the value of cryptocurrencies, including:

Network Effect

A cryptocurrency’s value is frequently correlated with the number and power of its user base, or network effect. A cryptocurrency’s value may rise as more people use it because there is more demand for the virtual currency.


The supply of the majority of cryptocurrencies is finite, and as it declines, the value of a certain cryptocurrency may rise. For instance, there are a total of 21 million Bitcoins in circulation, and this number will be reached in the year 2140. Over time, Bitcoin’s value can be influenced by its restricted quantity.


A cryptocurrency’s usefulness or utility might potentially increase its value. Cryptocurrencies that are merely theoretical in nature may not be as valuable as those that have real-world applications or provide solutions to real-world problems.


A cryptocurrency’s value may also be impacted by how it is perceived. A cryptocurrency’s price could rise if investors think it is valuable because of rising demand. In contrast, a cryptocurrency’s value may drop if investors believe it to be unsafe or unreliable.

Market Supply and Demand

The rules of supply and demand govern the value of cryptocurrencies, just like they do for any other asset. A cryptocurrency’s price may grow if there is an increase in demand. On the other hand, if there is less demand for a cryptocurrency, its price can decrease.

  • Competition: The price of cryptocurrencies may also change as a result of competition. Investors may sell their old cryptocurrency and switch to a new one if a new cryptocurrency that is thought to be superior to an existing one arises.
  • Market Sentiment: The value of cryptocurrencies can also be influenced by the general market mood. Demand for a cryptocurrency may rise in response to good news or emotion, while demand may fall in response to adverse information or sentiment.

Advantages of Crypto Calculator


A quick, accurate, and ideal on-the-spot coin calculator is offered by 1xCapital.


Your portfolio will be enriched as a result of using our platform to assist you discover how exchange rate calculators operate.


The converter calculator from 1xCapital ensures that you can convert even the most complicated fiat currencies, such as Bitcoin to USD or Bitcoin to Ethereum.

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